For today’s Mandy In-Depth, I take a closer look at my second film Man Around the House — a surreal kitchen sink/home invasion hybrid. Expect Velcro, synthesizers and many a production blunder.

My favourite shot from Man Around the House, and what I wished I’d used for the thumbnail.

In October of 2020, 2 months after the release of The Bedsit Tapes, I started on a follow…

Valley of the Dolls is the ultimate ‘guilty pleausre’ movie — that you shouldn’t feel guilty about enjoying!

I am a devotional fan of Nigella Lawson. Often when I tell people this, or when they meet me and I’m wearing my Nigella Lawson t-shirt, they assume I am being ironic. They underestimate the sort of deference a 24 year old man would have for a famous TV-chef, but…

In a year where venues have been closed and dancefloors off-limits, it stings even more to sit and reflect on what has surely been an incredible year of music. Whether it be the swaggering disco-indebted returns, indie-pop masterpieces or uncompromising sonic adventures for unprecednetd times, music this year has seen…

Joe Corr

Blending deep-dive analyses of popular culture, politics and gender studies with autobiographical anecdotes and opinions.

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